Course curriculum

    1. The Foundation: Your OT education and clinical experience are more valuable than you think! You will walk away from this module learning how and why to become a subject matter expert and how to translate your transferable skills for career success.

    1. The Self-Assessment: Understanding your “why” is key when you are taking steps away from a path that is already laid out. In this module, you will learn how to do your own self-assessment and find your motivation to succeed as an entrepreneur.

    1. The Pivot: This module takes away the mystery from making a transition into entrepreneurship. Sarah shares the first key steps she took, her first non-clinical role, and how she kept the momentum to propel her career forward.

    1. The Learner: It is essential for entrepreneurs to identify areas of growth, to keep educating themselves on what it is they don’t know and to continue seeking out opportunities to learn. Learn about the skills and resources essential for entrepreneurship.

    1. The Trailblazer:It can be daunting to move in a new direction or even in a different direction than what you had planned. In this module, you’ll learn about conquering imposter syndrome, checking self-doubt and the importance of mindset.

About this course

  • $249.00
  • Sarah Thomas is the definition of an OT Entrepreneur. She is not only a licensed Occupational Therapist, but Founder & CEO of DelightxDesign, CEO of Meztal, and an Age-Tech Investor. Learn how Sarah has used her occupational therapy lens when looking at new opportunities outside the traditional realm of OT and in the business world.
  • Therapists who want to follow a similar path and take the necessary steps to shift their career into a new space are encouraged to join this multi-session mentoring program. Sarah provides insight into her career journey and shares valuable lessons she's learned along the way. Hear about how Sarah built relationships outside of the therapy world, what skills she feels are an OT's superpower, and why and how you can step outside of your comfort zone to create your own seat at the table.
  • This recorded five-part series is equivalent to five 1:1 mentoring sessions with Sarah. You'll leave with a shift in mindset and be ready to take your first steps along your new entrepreneurial journey. This course will go live on July 15th, 2023.

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Bonus material

In addition to five weeks of coaching, your course includes bonus material to help you take your next steps in your OT entrepreneurial journey.

  • Live Coaching

    $250 value

    Your course includes a one-hour group coaching video call with Sarah Thomas. During this live session you'll be able to ask Sarah questions and learn from her expertise.

  • Community Networking

    While our coaching modules are done asynchronously, we will offer opportunity to connect with your coaching cohort so that you can learn from each other and build an OT Entrepreneur support system!